My buyer's got their money back?

Antonia -

If you’ve got an issue with a transaction as a seller we are here for you too! As long as you make sure the payment has cleared to your PayPal balance and you ship your items with tracked delivery you are covered if anything goes wrong. But we understand an issue may arise with a buyers purchase - so just reach out to us if: 
Your payment has been returned to the buyer
If your payment from the buyer pending, it could not clear, so make sure the payment has cleared before you send out an item.
If you are a new seller, your PayPal account needs verification in order to receive payments. If you don’t, then the payment may be returned to the buyer 
You have been a victim of a chargeback
The buyer opens a case for the payment to you being ‘unauthorised’ - this will be investigated by PayPal but we will also take action on our end. 
Buyer has opened a not as described/not arrived dispute
If a buyer has claimed they haven’t received their item or it has arrived not as described, the most important thing is that you provide all proof to PayPal - as long as you are able to provide sufficient proof you will be protected as a seller. If things don’t go your way and you do have proof, just let us know. 
If you have been affected by any of these scenarios and need to reach out to us, please do so by contacting us at and send us:
  • your Depop @ username
  • The buyers Depop @ username 
  • A screenshot of the disputed or cancelled payment
  • Proof you have sent the item or they have received it
  • Any additional information you think will help us
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