I haven't received my payment

Jenny -

If you sold an item and can't see the payment in your PayPal account, this could be due to a few reasons:

1. The payment is unclaimed in your PayPal account. This means your PayPal account isn't verified. To verify your PayPal account, you'll need to provide PayPal with more account details. Log in to your PayPal to find out more.

2. The payment hasn't cleared yet. The buyer pays via credit card, which PayPal treats as an 'eCheque'. They can take 7-10 business days to clear.

You can find out more about eCheques here

3. The user has intentionally cancelled the payment after completing the transaction on Depop. If this is the case, our Community Support team is here to help: support@depop.com.

Please note: shipping your item(s) before the funds have cleared will void your Seller Protection, so always wait until the funds have cleared in your account before sending off your item.

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