What is a verified badge?

Sally-Ann -

Depop has introduced verified badges (the small blue tick on top of a profile image) to reduce the risk of impersonation on the platform. We give these badges to brands, community leaders*, celebrities, and public figures our team has verified as authentic, and we do this to keep Depop a safe and trustworthy marketplace where you know who you’re doing business with.


Unlike other platforms with verification badges, our blue tick is not influenced by the number of followers or sales you may have. At this time, verified badges are given to accounts our team has identified as high-risk for impersonation, and can not be applied for. Verified badges may be lost if an account infringes on our Terms of Service.


*Community Leaders are a small team of trusted and experienced Depop users who work very closely with Depop to help grow, guide and educate our community. Verified Community Leaders pro-actively reach out to members of the community to communicate on behalf of Depop and with this, we feel it is important to highlight these users with a verified badge - as a sign of them being a trusted figure within our community.

Reach out to us @ support@depop.com if you want to know more about this!

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