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With nearly 7 million shops to browse, it’s understandable to feel a little overwhelmed. Fear not: our Explore search2.png page is a great place to start looking around. This is where we feature the best of the Depop community, and it’s The Place to see what’s trending, familiarize yourself with the Depop community, meet sellers, like items, and make purchases. (Learn how to get your items featured on the Explore page here!)

To get to the Explore page, click the spyglass icon search2.png on the bottom toolbar. A grid of featured items will pop up, and Items will be highlighted in black at the top of the page. Scroll down to see more items, and tap the thumbnails to see the full item listing and item details. This feed is being continuously updated, so make sure to check back often! To see suggested people, tap the People icon next to Items

Another great way to explore Depop is to see who people you admire on Depop follow and what items they’ve liked. To do so, go to a person’s shop and tap the Likes tab next to the black Selling tab. This will show you every item on Depop this person has liked and introduce you to their sellers. To see a list of who a person follows, go back to the person’s shop and click Following at the top of the page. Click a person’s username to check out their shop and see what they’ve liked and who they follow, and on and on, in a never-ending cycle of Depop-y goodness.

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