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Item descriptions are important for two reasons: they help users find your items, and they can convert interested shoppers into buyers. Just simply stating what the item is, or not including an item description at all, isn't going to help you make sales; it leaves potential buyers with questions, which stalls the sale, and makes you seem less trustworthy.

How to write the right description:

1. Tell us everything you can about the item. Again, not only are more informed buyers more likely to make a purchase, the more we know about your item, the more search results and suggested items it will show up in, and more people will see it. The more people who see your item, the higher the odds it will sell.

2. Make sure to note any and all flaws, no matter how minor they seem. Not doing so will result in unhappy customers and negative feedback.

3. Use as many relevant hashtags as you can. E.g. #fall #vintage #kawaii #sale, etc.

4. Only mention/hashtag relevant brands. Listings with irrelevant brand names in the description get caught in our spam filter and won't show up in search results and suggested items, and can't be featured on the Explore page. 


Supreme x Fila Italian wool track jacket. Size M, but runs small. Tiny flaw on left sleeve, close-up in second photo. #supreme #fila #streetwear #collab


Supreme x Fila jacket. #supreme #fila #bape #palace #unif #midnightstudios #midnight #yeezy #champion #tommy #polo

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