How can I have the Depop fee refunded?

Sally-Ann -

If you have issued a refund to a buyer, we’ll always refund you any Depop fees taken from that sale. We never want any of our sellers to lose out because you refunded a buyer.

There are a couple of things that you need to do before we can do this. First you’ll need to make sure the buyer’s been refunded the full amount they paid for the item (including shipping) and not just the amount you received from the sale. This is to cover you if a dispute is opened against you by a buyer for not receiving a full refund.

You can refund your buyer directly from your PayPal account (via a desktop and not the app). Just follow the link for instructions:

Refunding this way instead of the ‘send money’ feature on PayPal means that they’ll reverse their transaction fee back into the total amount you refund so you dont lose out on that either.

You’ll also need to make sure the refund is completed or cleared. This should show up in your Paypal activity page or PayPal will email you letting you know.

Once the refund clears we’ll need:

- Proof of full refund to the buyer, or proof that the buyer cancelled the payment (i.e. screenshot of the refunded/cancelled transaction in your PayPal account)

- Your Depop username (ex. @username)

- Your PayPal email address

- The buyer's Depop username (ex. @username)

- The date of the original transaction

- The amount you were charged for the fee

Send all this information over to and we'll get back to you confirming the refund ASAP.



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