Why did Depop take money from my bank account?

Sally-Ann -

We want to firstly assure you that Depop does not have any access to your Paypal, bank or credit card details, and could never take any unauthorised payments from you.

What might happen is, if for any reason you have a negative balance in your PayPal account when you buy or sell something on Depop, you get charged the sum due to Depop for that transaction plus the pending negative balance you owe to PayPal (which might or might not be related to Depop).

PayPal will then charge that total amount on the bank account/card linked to your PayPal account, and that's why you see a 'PAYPAL/DEPOPLIMITED' payment in your bank/card statement.

For example:

- you have a pending -£10 negative balance in your PayPal account (here are the most common reasons for a negative balance)

- you sell an item on Depop and you are charged £2 commission, for selling an item for £20
- PayPal now needs to collect from you £10 + £2 = £12
- since there's no money in your PayPal account, they take it from your bank account instead.
- in your bank statement you will see a 'PAYPAL/DEPOPLIMITED £12' charge, although the Depop charge is only £2.

If you wish to have more information about this as well as a detailed breakdown of charges, I suggest you contact PayPal directly by following this link:


PayPal have specifically asked us to direct these types of queries to them, as they cannot share with us any details about your account for obvious privacy reasons.

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