Why has my account been suspended?

Haroon -

We want Depop to be a fun and safe marketplace for everyone, which is why we take our rules very seriously. If a user infringes on our Terms and Conditions, we may need to suspend their account, either temporarily or permanently, while we work with them to rectify the situation.

Common reasons why we suspend an account:

  • You’ve committed fraud
  • You’ve repeatedly posted Prohibited Items
  • You’ve been transacting outside of Depop's in-app payment system
  • You’ve harassed or abused other Depop users or staff
  • You haven’t responded to a pending dispute
  • We need to verify information about your account

We never take action against a user's account without notifying them that we've done so via email, so it’s important that your email address stays correct and up-to-date with us.

To check or update your email address, go in-app to Profile profile.png > Settings settings.png > Edit my profile > Email

If you feel your account has been suspended in error, please respond directly to our email or contact us here.

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