A guide to selling on Depop

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Selling on Depop is really easy and fun. Just make sure you follow these tips to do it right, and to improve your chances to sell.

1. Use your own images

Always use your own pictures. Photos taken from the internet or from other Depop profiles are not allowed. If you’re caught doing this, your item will be removed and you risk getting banned if you continue to do so.

2. Add more pictures to your listing

You can add up to four pictures to your ad, so don't be shy. More pictures make your item more appealing to buyers. We've tested it, it works. Fact.

3. Be informative

Accurate descriptions improve sales and reduce the risk of misunderstandings. Give details like the colour, size, material and conditions of the item. You can also provide additional information such as your shipment, refund or exchange policy.

4. Be creative

You’ve got the most awesome items to sell, so show them off! Photograph them on an interesting background, or add props to the picture for a personal touch. Running out of ideas? Have a look to our Photo tips to boost your creativity. Tell a story with your pics and descriptions, and let your personality shine through.

5. Time it right

Evening is typically the best time for online shopping. Take your pictures during the day, when you have the best light, and then post them early in the evening to take advantage of browsing buyers.

6. Get to know your buyer

Check the buyer’s profile before shipping your item and have a look at their feedback ratings and comments. Get chatting so that you know who you're selling to and make sure you receive the payment before sending the item.

7. Sell inside the app

Selling inside the app ensures you are covered against any risks. It also allows you to receive feedbacks from your buyers and grow your reputation in the app. Selling outside the in-app method is also against our Terms of Service and can lead to the permanent suspension of your account. Click here to know more about how to get paid.

8. Provide proof of shipping

Ship using a trackable delivery method to be covered by Seller Protection. Send the buyer the tracking information as soon as you get it, so they know the item is on its way and when to expect it.

9. Leave feedback

Don’t forget to leave a feedback. Feedback is very important as it helps others understand whether they can trust a user, and it helps making the app a better and safer marketplace for everyone.

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