I haven't received my item

Sally-Ann -

All in-app purchases are covered by Buyer Protection, so no need to worry if you haven't received your item yet.

If your item hasn’t arrived, contact the seller directly to ask for an update. Sometimes an item takes longer than expected to be delivered, or gets lost in the post. Good communication can resolve most issues.

Ask the seller if the item has been shipped and if they are able to provide you with proof of shipping or a tracking code for you to check the status of your order.

If the seller doesn’t get back to you or if you can’t find a solution, please report the issue through the in-app Help section by doing the following:

1. Go to Profile profile.png

2. Tap Settings settings.png then scroll down to Need help? under the Support section

3. Click on Report a transaction problem

4. Select the transaction you wish to report. If you can't see your item, scroll to the bottom of your purchased item list and tap Item not shown.

We'll then will contact the seller and give you instructions on the next steps to take. Unfortunately out-of-app payments such as bank transfers, direct PayPal payments, swaps or cash payments do not offer any protection and there might be little we can do to help in those cases. Please still report the issue so we can take action against the seller and help keep Depop safe.

PayPal transactions are investigated within 21 days by Depop and within 180 days by PayPal. We understand this may be a frustrating wait but we will do our best to make sure the problem is sorted as soon as possible.

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