How to buy safely on Depop

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All payments made using our Buy button are covered by Buyer Protection. However, all payments outside the app (bank transfers, direct PayPal payments, cash…) do not offer any Buyer Protection and are against our Terms of Service. Using these can lead to the permanent suspension of your account.

Didn’t get your item? Received something other than described? Here at Depop, we process thousands of transactions a day but we’re all human - we acknowledge that mistakes happen and problems might arise.

It rarely happens but if something does go wrong, transactions that took place through Depop are protected - assuming you’ve followed our rules and not done anything dodgy. 

Since our payments are processed through Paypal, all transactions through Depop will be eligible for PayPal Buyer and Seller Protection which entitles you to reimbursement of the full purchase price plus shipping.

If you’re a seller, ship to the confirmed address via a tracked postal method. If you’re a buyer, always pay within Depop, using the Buy button. Never send money via any other method otherwise Depop cannot see the transaction and your protection will be void.

If you feel that Paypal has unfairly ruled against you but you’ve followed our rules, we’ll always try and see you right. Just give us a shout, tell us what’s happened and one of our Community Support team will investigate. We’ll most likely need to see evidence in order to review your case, so always use a tracked method of shipping and keep all related information until your transaction is complete. This can come in the form of receipts, photographic evidence, tracking information and written statements.

For more information you can contact our Community Support team via the app, or email with your username and your transaction details.


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