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US sellers have two options

  • arrange your own shipping (domestic and worldwide)
  • use the ’Ship With Depop' option to easily calculate and charge for shipping, print a label and track your package, all through Depop

Depop USPS shipping is only available for domestic shipping within the US

List an item using 'Ship with Depop'

  1. Tap “Delivery”, turn on the Shipping toggle, and select 'Ship With Depop'
  2. Tap 'Ship With Depop' and confirm or enter your shipping address
  3. Tap “Package size” and choose the approximate size of the item you’re selling. This will automatically set the shipping price for your item
  4. Tap 'Who pays?' and choose from:
  • Buyer pays for shipping - When a buyer purchases your item, we immediately deposit the money (item price and additional shipping cost) into your PayPal account, then take out the shipping cost and our usual 10% selling fee in one transaction. Click “Save”, continue setting up your listing and publis
  • Offer free shipping, choose “I will pay for shipping”. When you make a sale, we’ll deposit the item price into your PayPal account, then take out the shipping cost and our usual 10% selling fee in one transaction

Generate the shipping label after you’ve made a sale, open the sales receipt (Profile > sold items > tap item) and tap “Activate Shipping label” or tap the floating icon on Android. This will generate a pdf of the shipping label, which you can print from your phone or email to yourself to print.

Stick the shipping label to your package using clear packing tape (USPS doesn’t accept masking tape, electrical tape, etc.) and drop it off at the nearest post office or blue USPS collection box. Both you and your buyer will then be able to track the package in-app.

How much does it cost?


Small: $4.50


Large: $10

Extra large: $15

Already have your shipping system down? Don’t worry. You can still set your own shipping prices and ship whichever way works for you. Just make sure to always transact in-app, get a tracking number and follow the guidelines to be protected by PayPal's seller protection policy

How to list an item and arrange your own shipping:

  1. When listing an item for sale, tap “Delivery” and turn on the “Shipping” toggle.
  2. Tap “Arrange my own shipping”, and the “Manual Shipping” page will open.
  3. To charge your buyer for shipping, tap “Domestic shipping price” and enter a price you feel comfortable with. Hit Save and continue with your listing.
  4. To charge your buyer for shipping, tap "Domestic shipping price" and enter a price. To offer worldwide shipping, swipe "International shipping", click "International shipping price" and enter a price. Worldwide shipping is generally more expensive but offering it also increases your audience and improves your chances of selling

Only send the item to the address shown on the in-app receipt to be protected by PayPal's Seller Protection. If the buyer asks you to ship to another address, let them know you will have to refund them their money, and ask them to update their Depop address and buy the item again. Just get in touch with us so we can also refund your Depop fee!

Keep your proof of postage. If something goes wrong with the transaction, it's likely you will need to show you've sent the item. In order to be valid and accepted by PayPal, your proof of postage needs to contain a tracking number, the first line of the buyer's address, the buyer's postcode and the date of shipping



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